2019 Life Hacks: #1 Duplicate Essentials

Life Hacks 2019 #6
Stay tuned for all 12 of our life hacks throughout 2019!

Duplicate Your Essentials

If there’s a place you travel to regularly, duplicate your toiletries and cosmetics to stash at your destination. Always going to new places? Create your own grab-and-go bag that’s ready to roll when you are.

You’ll minimize your packing time and never have to worry about forgetting your favorite shaver, hair gel, or eyebrow tweezer. (Dammit, we hate when that happens!)

Speaking of duplication…


There are several ways to manage your email marketing with this same concept to improve efficiency—saving time and improving metrics.

A/B Testing. Curious about which subject line will work better to get the best open rates? Test it, without having to do double the work. Create a multivariate campaign with the same message but simply alter the subject line and send it to a portion of your list, then shoot out the winning subject line to the balance of your audience. (You can split test up to 8 subject lines, as well as test various send times, the “from name”, and even your content.) You’ll benefit by discovering which subject line triggers the most opens, what time of day has the most reach, and what type of content resonates most with your audience.

Copy That. If your campaign was successful and you want to run a follow-up email OR you want to send a secondary email to anyone on your list that didn’t open the first message—there’s no need to create it from scratch. Just replicate the first campaign, make any necessary tweaks, check that the segmentation matches your end goal, and you’re off!

Anytime Email. Out of ideas or have you run into production issues? Prep an “anytime” email that’s completely ready to send, just in case you need a stellar, kickass message on short notice.

We hope these duplication hacks will serve your travel life—and email marketing—well. You’re welcome!

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