Very few businesses have the experience needed–let alone the skills and people that go with it–to run a successful email marketing campaign. It’s sad that this #1 tool (that should be getting you the best return on your marketing investment) ends up costing you money on opportunities lost.

Here’s where we can help.

  1. We’ll make your company money. Email marketing is a major revenue source you don’t want to ignore. We’ll help you win more business and make more money. In fact, we’ve been helping companies profit from email marketing since 2000. Watch the video.
  2. We’ll make your company look good. We’re good at making YOU look good.
    • We’ll help you win more business by clarifying your message and engaging users with story using a 7-Part StoryBrand framework. Doing your own StoryBrand is hard–Email Broadcast is a certified StoryBrand Guide so we’ll do it for you.
    • We’ll nail your voice. Do you greet your customers with Hey, hello, or Dear? Is your personality rebellious, bold, sincere? We’ll help you define your unique voice so that YOU are speaking directly to your audience, your way.
    • Custom design. Your business deserves its own custom email template. We’re experts at designing and coding them to look beautiful regardless of screen size.
  3. We’ll save your company money. No, it’s not the same thing as #1. We’re talking about not having to spend $52,000 a year (or more) on even a part-time staffer that may or may not be able to handle all the moving parts of just one email campaign. (Planning, strategizing, outlining, copywriting, copy editing, building, graphic design, coding, testing, quality assurance, scheduling, analyzing–and that’s still only a portion of what it takes to manage your success with email marketing.) We’re a full-service Email Marketing Agency and hiring our team of experts will help you win more business.
  4. We’ll save your company time and headaches. If you’re like most businesses, you’re already investing in email marketing–it’s likely one of your employees is spending 20% of their time managing email projects that are more complex than they have time for.
    We can manage the entire process for you. We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy (and messaging that packs a punch) to accomplish your business goals over the long term (rather than tossing out random emails that may or may not lead anywhere). We’ll also automate your core messaging. That’s right. We’ll create a sales and/or welcome series that will automatically go out to anyone joining your list (or a segmented group), leading them through your sales funnel. It will save you the headache of manually sending messages each and every time.
  5. We’ll find ways to use email marketing that your company hasn’t even thought of. Oh the many customer stories we could tell…like:
    • Creating a playful, “pawsitive,” pun-filled voice for PetHub so they could reach their audience and convert readers to members.
    • Crafting compelling, effective messages for Alaska Alpine Adventures to keep their audience engaged and get them to book tours.
    • Building a Supercollector™ with a custom offer for Hakai Lodge that worked so well it increased their bookings 37% and sold out their season.
    • Growing an email list for Mor Furniture for Less that started at ZERO and exploded to over 800,000, and driving $10 million per year in sales–just with customized strategies we created with our 20+ years of experience in email marketing.

Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with us and let us help you win.