Welcome to Email Broadcast—We’re Hiring!

We’re thrilled that you’re considering an opportunity with us, whether it’s a full-time, part-time or contractor role. Each member of our team is extremely important to our success and we love to work with star talent. Our company may be a little different from your typical corporate atmosphere and you should know that coming in. Be sure to look around and get to know us.

Current Positions:

Digital Sales and Marketing Assistant - PT Employee

We’re looking for a Digital Sales and Marketing Assistant to help us grow.

This is a remote (or local at our office), part-time employee role working 10 am to 4 pm (Pacific) Monday – Thursday, with occasional overtime needed depending on workload. Yes, we take three day weekends EVERY week.

With an hour for lunch, that’s 20 scheduled hours with potentially another 0-5 when it gets crazeballs, so that’s how we get to 20-25 hours per week.

Most people need a full-time gig to make ends meet and we get that. If you’re looking for a full-time role, or hoping this will grow into one, or want to match this with your other part-time gig, or want to work on this while you grow your company after hours, or want to do this job while continuing to serve your freelance clients—this role is not for you. We’re looking for someone that would be extremely happy with a part-time role only for the long-term (like… years). Still with us? Read on!

What would you do? I’m so glad you asked.

The overall mission of this role is to help us meet our sales goals and you would have a variety of tasks in helping us get there. Many of these tasks will require your competence in various Internet-related applications, which you will either bring to the table or be able to quickly master. If you’re not extremely all-things-Internet savvy, this role is not for you. If you haven’t used any of these applications below, but are a “quick learner,” this role is not for you.

Your Top 10 tasks would include:

1. Creating new sales proposals quickly and accurately using Prezi.
2. Updating sales agreements (Word doc) with client’s info and service level and posting to HelloSign for signatures.
3. Cold calling partner prospects (web development, SEO firms) posing as an admin to set up a business meeting between their CEO and ours.
4. Working inside of Basecamp on assigned tasks, and thoroughly documenting your progress according to our best practices. If you’re more of a pen and paper type person, this probably isn’t for you. We’re more Basecamp and Google Docs people.
4. Updating our WordPress website with new content.
5. Optimizing content on our website and YouTube channel for SEO.
6. Fielding customer/sales inquiries from our website “Can we help you?” popup.
7. Researching tradeshow and speaking opportunities for our CEO.
8. Reaching out to journalists pitching story ideas relevant to our field.
9. Researching and applying for various industry awards.
10. Handling occasional admin tasks when CEO is overwhelmed.

If you have high energy and attention to detail that you can focus on a task until completion, that will serve you well. If you have past experience with most of the applications listed above, that will give you a leg up.

If your relationship with time is somewhat “flexible,” this will be a painful position for you. We eat our Wheaties, show up early, and come to work ready to kick ass for a short, but intense period of time so we can enjoy three day weekends. If you’re used to stretching 4 hours of work into an 8-hour day, you will not be happy here. If you need to set an alarm to get to work by 10 am Pacific, this will not work out. Go-getters only need apply.

Wow. Still here? Awesome.

Next Steps:

1. Send an email to sandmasst2018[at]emailbroadcast.com with the exact subject line: Your 2018 Sales and Marketing Assistant (do not get creative here—this is how we auto-sort the incoming mail).

2. Include a couple of paragraphs or a cover letter (PDF) on why you’re the perfect fit for this role.

3. Your cover letter should explain why part-time work is enough for you and what you like to do with your spare time as a human. We like humans.

4. Attach a copy of your current resume. This also should be a PDF—not just for us, but for anyone you send it to. If you don’t know how to convert a Word doc to a PDF, you are disqualified from this role.

5. Look for an email back from us with next steps. You should hear back within 15 minutes or less. Oh yeah, we’re that good.


$20 to $23 per hour DOE.
20-25 hours per week
3-day weekends
Unpaid holiday for the week of 4th of July
Unpaid holiday for two weeks at end of year
Performance and year-end bonuses

Marketing Account Coordinator - Contractor

What if you could control your own schedule, work from home, participate in strategic and creative marketing campaigns, and be a valued member of a kick-ass remotely connected team? Oh—you’ll also never be expected to work on Fridays. Yep. That’s right. Three-day weekends, every weekend. Sound like a dream? Pinch yourself. Email Broadcast is looking to hire a part-time, long-term Account Coordinator (and general marketing rockstar). Our Account Coordinators play a vital role here. They’re the connection between us and our clients; they’re in charge of keeping those clients happy; they’re the makers of amazing monthly email campaigns. This job is a permanent contractor role within our company. You’ll have plenty of flexibility to get your work done, but that comes with accountability. You should be generally available from 10 to 4, Monday through Thursday. This is when client meetings, team meetings, communication, and collaboration happen. If you have other commitments during this time, this isn’t a good fit. As an Account Coordinator, you’re going to be responsible for a handful of diverse clients (i.e., your accounts could include a high-end dermatology office or a remote fishing lodge). You’ll work on creating a monthly email campaign for them from start to send. This includes coming up with creative concepts, writing compelling copy, coordinating graphic requirements with our designer, A/B testing, requesting and tracking client approval, scheduling, reporting, and everything else in between. You’ll also attend weekly team meetings and occasional client calls, where you’ll share your ideas and contribute to discussions. To be successful, you need a blend of some specific skills:

  • Client wrangling. Whether you’re getting buy-in on a content idea, or tracking someone down for an approval; you should be a perfect balance of persuasive, professional, persistent, and personable.
  • Project tracking. I.e., Can you juggle? More importantly: Can you focus? You’ll be working on several email campaigns for different clients all at the same time. You have to be able to transition from one project to the next without dropping the ball but disciplined enough to focus on each task and ensure high-quality completion.
  • Marketing wizardry. You have experience and know-how to hook an audience with a headline, dazzle them with compelling copy, and persuade them to click, buy, sign up, stay tuned, or whatever else your campaign calls for!

Still interested? See if the following describes you: WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR

  • 12-20 hours per week of work. That’s about how much you’ll be working with a typical client load. Want more? Once you prove your marketing prowess, there’s plenty of internal projects we can add you to that will increase your hours. This job can grow into what you make it, but those 12-20 hours will be your primary priority. If what you really need is a full-time job to pay the bills, that’s cool, but this isn’t the right role for you.
  • A long-term role. To be clear: This isn’t a freelance opportunity. If you’re used to piecing together one-off projects and short-term gigs, we’re not a good fit. The Account Coordinator is a permanent contractor role within our company.
  • To be part of a team. Yes, you’ll do a lot of work on your own. But lone wolves need not apply. Each month you’ll be working with me, her, him, and them.
  • Get paid more for efficiency. Your hourly rate will range from $20-$25. There is also a year-end bonus.


  • 2+ years of hands-on marketing experience (email marketing is a huge plus!)
  • You write good. (Or is it “write well”? You should know the difference.)
  • Proven ability to meet and beat deadlines.


  • Graphic design skills
  • Knowledge of email marketing best practices
  • Familiarity with email platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • Experience with Basecamp, Highrise, and Google Docs

NEXT STEPS So, how does that sound? If you think you’re the person we’re looking for, send your cover letter and resume to ACseptember2018[at]emailbroadcast.com. Please use the subject line “Your 2018 Account Coordinator.” Do not get creative here. This is how we sort the incoming mail. Consider your cover letter to be an example of your marketing skills—pitch yourself to us! Make sure you explain why you’re the perfect person for this position, why you’re interested, and how this part-time role will fit with your lifestyle.


Working for Email Broadcast as an independent contractor—yes, work from my home—score!

So I had this need…typical stay-at-home-mom that needed to make some additional money to pay for the extras that come with kids: shoes, toys, never-ending school fundraisers, and maybe even braces at some point. My husband works full time, but with the high cost of living it just wasn’t quite enough to cover those “extras.” It was simple: I wanted a part-time job, wielding my copywriting and client wrangling skills, and yet I didn’t want to shell out for daycare while I toiled away in some corporate office.

Enter Email Broadcast…the perfect solution that met these very exact needs. I seriously love my job with an amazing set of badass peeps, great clients, and I can even work in my pj’s if I so wish while I suck down as much coffee as I can take in.

Dara Gibbs, Account Coordinator Team Lead

Operations Manager - Contractor

Greetings Great Leader!

Email Broadcast has been impatiently waiting for you.

Our company is a small but feisty team of other remotely located badasses who provide email marketing as a service to our clients. We’ve been honing this craft since the year 2000 and our company is growing rapidly.

We’re looking for someone special to take a leadership role in our company that has “been there before and done that.” While we don’t discount hard work, determination and the ability to learn on the job, our perfect candidate will need to have performed in this role in the past.

First let’s tease you with the idea of only working four days a week since that’s how we’ve rolled since 2014. We’d rather work our asses off four days a week to have that highly magical reward of a 3-day weekend EVERY week. Well not every week – sometimes there’s a holiday on Monday which means you’ll have a 4 day weekend!

Imagine an extra day every week to do what YOU want to do.

Oh, then there’s also the entire week of 4th of July where we shut down for our mid year break, and then the two weeks at the end of the year where we whistle Christmas carols on the beach while everyone else stresses out.

Next, imagine working from your home office so you can skip the commute, gas, parking, expensive lunches, annoying coworkers, and even socks and shoes – yet still be a member of a kick-ass team doing important work for grateful clients.

But wait, there’s more including flexibility. Have that killer yoga class on Wednesday’s till 10 am or need to pick up your kid on half days? That will probably work. Our office hours are from 10 am to 4 pm M-TH Pacific during which time you’ll need to be available for calls, meetings, etc that are mostly planned in advance. But as far as when you get your work done – that’s up to you. Since our HQ is west coast, you’ll likely need to be in or close to our time zone.


Not so fast Bubba. This role has a long list of requirements that will intimidate most so keep reading to find out where you’ll likely blow out of our process that some have affectionately called “the gauntlet.”


  • A proven track record in managing the operations of a digital agency or something very close for at least a couple of years.
  • Your primary directive is the successful on-boarding, satisfaction, and retention of clients. That means dealing with clients, coworkers, technology, processes, and simultaneous projects with multiple moving parts all while making things hum. A photographic memory is helpful here, or extreme organization bordering on OCD is another good indicator.
  • Massive dual sided brain with creativity of Renoir and logic of Gates. There will be a need for new tools we don’t yet have, process that don’t currently exist, rethinking processes that are inefficient, and courageously killing processes that are no longer serving the company or clients. Success will require creative problems solving AND the logical pig-headed discipline to create, monitor, and follow up on the process you created. We’re kinda big on process. If you didn’t pick that up yet, you should probably swipe left.
  • Experience with and a solid understanding of email marketing. Direct experience with MailChimp building and sending actual broadcast or (gasp) automation messages in the last 12 months will bestow upon you a glowing halo.
  • The capability of dealing with a CEO of the ENTJ variety, aka “The Commander” who has very high standards, but is also extremely fair. And funny. And good looking. And a great writer of help-wanted ads. If you prefer kid gloves and long daily talks about your feelings, you can stop reading now.
  • Notwithstanding your dealing with the CEO, you will need to have barrel loads of empathy for coworkers and clients. You will have to tell them “no” on a regular basis, but you’ll want them feeling good about it, and have the sixth sense of knowing when they don’t.
  • You’ll need the humility and gumption to learn our craft from the ground up starting with the Account Coordinator role and actually producing emails for real live clients. Until you understand what we do, you can’t help us get better.
  • Direct experience using Basecamp (or something damn close) to manage projects electronically. But also the good sense to pick up the phone and have a live conversation when needed (and knowing when) instead of hiding behind your keyboard. We’re big on facetime, or hangouts, or google meet, or next week’s name for it.
  • An affinity for the movie Jiro Loves Sushi.
  • It’s helpful if you’re an award winning and published author so that the Account Coordinators will show you the proper respect. Seriously, if you can’t write that’s going to slow everything down. Yes, we will test you and anoint you as a good writer or not because we’re that arrogant, or deluded, you choose.
  • Most importantly, you must love burritos. And hate cats.




So why the large spread of 20 to 40 hours a week?

Here’s the dealio on that. There is pretty much an unlimited amount of work to be done because we have a Kaizen attitude. However, we also like to pace ourselves and have enjoyable lives. Some weeks may only require your best 20 hours to get the job done, and the rest of your time is better spent surfing. As we continue to grow, there will likely be a push towards needing more of your input but that might be months from now. There’s also just some normal ebbs and flows of the business that will demand more (Q4) or less of your time. Also, the whole idea of this role is to increase efficiency, so if you’re doing it right we should be able to accomplish more with less time. So, just in case you were hoping to keep that other part time job and also do this one – that’s likely not going to work. If you need a full-time job (or two part time jobs) to make the ends meet, that’s totally understandable but this role is not right for you.

Are you guys really as bat shit crazy as this ad?

No. It’s worse. Actually, we take our craft ridiculously seriously. Our clients are counting on us to transform their business and we carry that mantle. But we also like to have fun while we’re working hard and enjoy our three day weekends. We also abhor drama and chaos, which is why we have such high standards about working AHEAD on our clients’ email launches. This drives some clients crazy, until it finally clicks and they get it that perfection has a price and it’s called planning and time. Just ask Jiro.

Do you really think there is someone out there that meets all your requirements?

Sadly, no. But Santa is coming to town so it’s worth a shot. Or, maybe it’s you because you’ve run a digital agency before but needed a break. Maybe it was to have kids, or travel the world and it changed you to never want to go back to a boring 9-5 (or, who’s kidding, a 9 to 9) grind again. Or you’re sick of your current full time gig, and now you want to work with only A players, who take pride in their work and are authentic enough to swear like fucking sailors. You don’t want to waste time commuting and playing office politics anymore, or ask for permission to pick your kid up from school when he’s sick. You want to serve a company who gives a damn about the planet and the world by donating to good causes and building schools their kids will never attend. You want to work hard, do great work, and make a difference.

I’m your Unicorn. What do I do next?

  1. You send an email to us at ops2019@emailbroadcast.com
  2. Include your resume (PDF please for us and anyone else BTW) and a cover letter telling us why you are the one.
  3. Wait for our reply (we’re very fast) and then follow the instructions.


Compensation will be from $25 to $40 per hour based on performance. You’ll have a flat hourly rate and then ample, regular, and frequent bonuses around KPIs. If you hit our mutually agreed upon goals, you’ll be at the upper end. This is a contractor role and you’ll be paid on a 1099 basis which should provide you with some tax advantages – talk to your accountant. If that’s actually fun for you, send us your accountant’s name.