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Great email marketing changes lives. No seriously.

Earlier this month, we told you the story about Eloise’s Cooking Pot, a volunteer food bank in the Pacific Northwest that serves over 1500 clients a week, delivering food to undernourished children, seniors, and disabled in the local community. The non-profit organization was desperately trying to win a truck in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Contest, and they came so close to winning last year, but fell short. So this year, Ahndrea Blue, founder of the Making a Difference Foundation, knew she had to do something different. She came to us for help, asking if we would take this project on, pro-bono. And with that decision, we changed the whole game…

Like we do for all of our clients, we first took a look at the big picture. We noticed their website hadn’t been updated in a while, so we suggested they write up their Win-A-Truck plan under “What’s New.” We also recommended they change their home page temporarily so anyone visiting the site would know this was the biggest thing happening. Then we discussed content strategy and suggested the most important thing we could do: Get her network talking about it early–not just preparing to vote, but reaching out to other organizations they were connected with, that might also have an email list or Facebook page to share the message. Ahndrea liked our suggestions and quickly executed them on all fronts while we went to work on a design and email strategy.

Over a two week period, our dedicated Email Broadcast team handled every detailed aspect of their email marketing campaign. We worked in overdrive, launching multiple campaigns, trying to rally all the support we could to make sure Eloise’s Cooking Pot would get the most votes on their big day.

Our emails made it easy for people to share this cause with their entire network via Facebook and Twitter. When voting day arrived, we helped Ahndrea and her volunteer crew get the BIG push they needed to tip the scales in their favor.

The morning after the vote, it was official. Eloise’s Cooking Pot was a winner in the 100 Cars for Good Contest. They are finally getting the truck they desperately needed, and now they’ll be able to expand their delivery services to the ones who need it most in their community.

Within an hour of hearing the announcement, Ahndrea emailed us:

Our team is pretty excited that we were able to make a significant and positive impact this community. And the best part is, we did it simply by doing what we do best–email marketing.

Ready to change the game in your marketing strategy? Maybe your transformation story will become our next feature….

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