Some people have asked me which is better – Facebook or email. The answer for most businesses, right now anyway, is that email marketing is still top dog when it comes to delivering real revenue. We just had a client top $800K in sales during an event in December leveraging their email list only. I haven’t heard about anybody driving that kind of revenue with facebook – but who knows what the future holds.

And it’s a good question because it seems like everyone is crazy about Facebook these days (which makes me wonder privately if that fact marks it’s inevitable decline.) When grandmas are joining facebook, I’m wondering if it’s still cool enough for the cool kids. But for right now, it seems that everyone desires a presence on facebook – and why not it’s relatively easy to do right?

Well that’s exactly what I thought until I dug into it a bit and learned that like most things – if you want to do it right there is a bit of a learning curve, and some advanced tools that many don’t know about. For instance have you thought about how you are going to convert people? Is your brand really even a good match for Facebook? What’s your end goal? Have you decided on a landing page strategy? Do you have your vanity URL? Do you understand the guidelines around prizes, giveaways and sweepstakes? Are you going to run a Facebook advertising campaign and do you know the best practice for spending your budget? Do you have the resources to produce a continuous stream of compelling updates to engage your fans? Do you know the best times to post?

If you are not sure what some of these questions even mean, let alone the answer then you may be interested in a service Email Broadcast is now offering through our partner relationships. We have partnered with two different social media experts that know the ropes and how to make a splash using Facebook. Give us a call to discuss your options and how you can create an amazing one-two punch with your email marketing campaign.

Don’t have an amazing email marketing campaign? I’d recommend you start there first.