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Email Marketing for Adventure Travel

When your business is selling unforgettable lodge experiences and rewarding adventure travel, you already have an advantage over most marketers. No matter what line of the tourism business you are in—from fishing lodges to tour operations and adventure travel—you have the natural resources to tell compelling stories. But is it actually happening? Email marketing for adventure tourism means having a marketing company that understands how to draw in the clientele that are looking for exactly which types of adventures and extravagance your company develops. The problem isn’t having something exciting to say, it’s the time, expertise and tools needed to actually say it. Email marketing is the perfect tool for sharing, but executing an amazing campaign isn’t always easy.

Making time for email marketing can be a challenge.

We’re willing to bet you started this business because you love people and adventure, not because you wanted to master an online medium like email marketing. When you’re on location in the middle of the busy season doing the things you’re truly passionate about, it’s probably the last thing you want to think about. But with competition for leisure dollars at an all-time high, email marketing is an essential investment and one that provides a huge pay off when it’s done correctly. Companies need an email marketing campaign, but your specialized business needs an email marketing campaign for adventure tourism, where your marketing company understands your specific clientele.

When it’s done right, email marketing can:

  • Build an audience of people interested in your offering
  • Give your readers a tantalizing taste of the adventure that awaits them
  • Provide behind the scene looks into your operation helping to tell your story both on season and off
  • Humblebrag about your latest award or PR win
  • Tell authentic stories that build an intimate relationship with past and future guests
  • Give your audience something to share with their fellow adventurers, and to naturally expand your marketing reach
  • Give past guests an easy way to share their experience

All of which have the business results of:

  • Effortlessly booking business when you need it
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Increasing your online reviews
  • Setting yourself apart from your competition

In your business, the difference between a successful season and a mediocre one can be just a few clients. Email marketing for adventure tourism is a proven way to increase bookings from existing customers and expand your reach to new ones.

With the right strategy, we will:

  • Collect prospects you’re currently missing on your website
  • Convert those prospects into new customers with automated marketing
  • Minimize recurring operational headaches
  • Increase your company’s online reviews
  • Drive traffic when and where you need it
  • Build relationships that last all year long—not just during peak season
  • Convert email into SEO-friendly blog posts to help tell your best stories

If that sounds like a lofty promise—it is. But getting results is what we’re best at. Email marketing for adventure tourism is a proven way to boost your seasonal sales and maximize your bookings.

Email Broadcast immediately Increases Bookings 37% for Hakai Lodge

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After 30 years in business, Hakai Lodge was struggling to book trips. The old marketing techniques were no longer working so they turned to Email Broadcast for help. After taking over, results were almost immediate and bookings the first year were up an astounding 37%.

Email Broadcast can help you create compelling, consistent content that captures your audience’s attention at just the right time. We bring a team of experts to handle strategy, copywriting, design, and coding. Your dedicated account coordinator will know your business inside and out and keep you updated on your campaign’s progress. We’ll even develop a list of 100 ideas we think your audience is going to love.

Blackfish Lodge Uses email broadcast sales Series And Sells Out Season

As a small operation, Blackfish Lodge understands that the difference between a subsistence year and a profitable one comes down to a few extra guests. They hired Email Broadcast to convert web visitors into contacts, and then market to those contacts. When people sign up for the lodge’s fishing reports, the first thing they get is a three email series about what’s it’s like to be a guest. The results were nothing short of astounding. Not long after setting it up, Blackfish reported they had just sold out their season before it even started for the first time ever. When we compared the bookings to the email list, about 70 percent of the reservations had received the new welcome series.

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Will email marketing work for your customers?

To the uninformed, the decision to travel may seem spontaneous, but the process between making a decision to travel, and then booking, takes an immense amount of energy and research. These days, 60% of leisure travelers are making their own travel arrangements—and most of them are doing their research online. When travelers visit your website and find it interesting, what happens next? Unless your site is over the top compelling, most people will not be contacting you immediately. But they will sign up for your email list as a way to “keep tabs” on you. This is your chance to tell your story and create such compelling interest that they can’t resist taking the next step. Is that what’s happening right now?

Stand out from the crowd.


of smartphone users research travel on mobile devices


of smartphone users will leave a site not optimized for mobile


of TripAdvisor users are using mobile to research activities

When it comes to email marketing for adventure tourism, keep in mind you’re not just competing with other lodges or travel agents. You’re also competing with your audiences’ inbox. The average consumer gets 468 commercial messages per month. To ensure your message stands out, you need a thoughtful strategy, compelling content, and superior graphic design. Additionally, getting your emails to look great and perform well on a wide range of email clients is a challenge. And, since nearly half of all email messages are read on a phone, your emails must also be “responsive” and automatically reformat themselves for small screens. With all of these hurdles, it’s easy to understand why so few adventure lodges have effective campaigns.

How much will it cost me?

Great question. Let’s find out together. Each one of our clients has a unique campaign. We start with our Essential Service and then combine up to five different modules depending on your needs. After a 20 minute conversation, we’re typically able to provide a proposal with the exact investment required. Simply fill out the form below to get started. Probably more important than the cost, is the outcome. The Direct Marketing Association says email marketing has the number one return on investment over any other medium. Email marketing for adventure tourism has been proven to be the best way to consistently to sell out seasons. What if a world class campaign helps you sell out your season? What does it cost you if you go another season without one?

How it Works

  1. We meet and get to know each other. You can schedule a 20-minute consultation now, contact us below, or call 805-316-3201.
  2. If we like each other and a professional relationship holds promise, we meet again to get a bunch of details about your business.
  3. We lay out a clear, customized email marketing plan with objectives, services included, and the exact amount of your financial and time investments.
  4. Assuming you like our plan and think it will make your company money, you hire us.
  5. You become wildly successful and name us Vendor of the Year.

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