Email Marketing for Green Businesses

Boost Your Profits 37% Using Email Marketing… even if you’re too busy to learn a new skill, don’t have any creative Ideas, or don’t have an email list.
Full Service Email Marketing for Solar and Green Business


Ask yourself if any of these things sound familiar:

  • Your business is helping to change the world—but you’re having trouble getting the word out.

  • You were hoping to get more referrals from your customer base.

  • You understand that not everyone you talk to is going to be ready, but it’s hard to stay in contact with everyone all the time, so your sales team continues to look for needles in the haystack.

  • It’s important to convey to the world that you’re not just selling a green product, you’re selling a great product.

  • You can see how email could play a big part in cultivating and nurturing your long term prospects, but you don’t have an in-house team that can handle that task at a high level.



If any of the above sounds like you,

it’s likely that an expertly crafted and executed email marketing campaign will make a huge impact on your business, and hopefully the planet.


Ken Mahar - CEO of Email Broadcast

Ken Mahar – CEO of Email Broadcast

After growing up in a small town of 150 people in Washington State, and being the first of my family to graduate from college, I found myself in the exciting world of sales…

I was told that one key to success was to stay in contact with my previous customers but as they piled up it became harder and harder to do. At first I called them all by phone but soon realized I could spend my entire time at work on this task. Then I tried creating a paper newsletter and mailing it out but it was a huge distraction, expensive, and I had no idea if people were getting them or reading them. And all this effort was just for the customers I had already sold! I needed to make sales THIS month.

It was even more frustrating trying to guess which of the dozens of prospects I was contacting every month deserved another call.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon a tool over a decade ago that changed everything– and that tool was email marketing.

Now I could easily stay in touch with an infinitely expanding group of people with the push of a button. Not only that, I noticed that my contacts were forwarding my email to their friends. And I could even use hyperlinks to point to other content or videos allowing me to keep my message short but still delivering a lot of content. I could also tell exactly who was opening and clicking on my emails so I knew who to follow up with personally by phone. It was a salesperson’s dream!

Once I discovered it, I felt I had to share it with my business-owner friends. Once they started using it and shared their success with their peers, people started asking me to handle their campaigns too, and I couldn’t handle my full time job anymore. So I dedicated myself to helping a select group of companies use this powerful tool.

If you’ve tried to launch your own email campaign and been frustrated with the technology, the copywriting, the graphic design, and the big questions of “what to say?” or “how often?” or “what style?” you’re not alone.

You can stop worrying — we can help.

Hakai Lodge

Happy guest with King Salmon


Room views at Hakai Lodge

Before we started working with Email Broadcast we were doing our own email marketing and it wasn’t paying off.

Since they took over last year our bookings were immediately up 37% and we had our best year EVER.

We also got our time back so we could focus on serving our new and repeat guests. 

Clyde Carlson, Owner - Hakai Lodge


What We Do:

My team and I have been practicing our craft since I got started in the year 2000. We focus solely on email marketing so that we can deliver outstanding results. Here are just some of the steps that we take with each client:

1. First, we assign three people to your team: an account coordinator/copywriter, a graphic designer, and a sales expert/strategist. This team will be working on your behalf throughout your campaign.

2. Your team will begin with the end in mind during a strategy session. We’ll want to understand a LOT about your business. We also want to know about the rest of your marketing plan so your emails seamlessly integrate.

3. Then, we start hand-building a custom HTML email template that represents your brand beautifully and test it against 50 different email clients and mobile devices to make sure it looks good in all of them.

4. Meanwhile, we create 50-100 different content ideas so we always have a large number of topics on tap to choose from.

5. We also examine your sales process and recommend how inserting email marketing could automate your marketing with the perfect messages at the exact right times. Not only will your web visitors turn into contacts, but we’ll create a drop-dead simple follow-up plan your salespeople will actually USE.

6. Additionally, we explore using the content we create on your behalf for your blog and social media assets — extending the reach of your email marketing to people not on your list.

Your entire time commitment once we kick off your campaign is a 20-minute phone call once a month where we discuss your results, get your approval/changes on upcoming messages, and plan for the future. We’re not aware of another firm that provides such a comprehensive email marketing solution for business owners with so little effort on their part.


Email Broadcast got us started in email marketing 9 years ago, and we couldn’t be happier with their service and the results.

We’re now driving over $8,000,000 per year in sales we can directly attribute to our email campaign after starting from zero.

As a lean, growing company it’s great to include them as part of our marketing team. We have enough to do without learning all the technical requirements of running a world-class email campaign…

Rob Kelley, VP of Marketing at Mor Furniture for Less


Why We Do It:

The big lie is that email marketing is easy: “Simply sign up for a DIY account, build and email and whoosh – instant success!” The truth is that it’s extremely hard to produce an attention-getting, market-changing, mobile-responsive, world-beating campaign that your company deserves.  People today are over-emailed so unless your campaign is top notch, it’s not going to make the giant impact that it might.

We’ve spent the past 15 years getting it RIGHT so that we can instantly put our knowledge to use for YOUR business with a custom campaign designed specifically for YOU.

At Email Broadcast we’ve capped the number of clients that we will work with at 25, and that should be good news. Even better news is that we currently have an opening!


You know you need Email Marketing.

So, which choice is right for you?

Hire Us.

Or you could work with Email Broadcast, where we already employ the experts who can immediately go to work on your campaign while leveraging 14 years of real world knowledge for a fraction of that investment.

Remember, we provide:

  • Expert strategy garnered from 14 years of experience serving many clients/industries
  • 100 content ideas for your campaign
  • Guaranteed launch within 60 days of our agreement
  • Custom designed, gorgeous email template worthy of your brand and image
  • Extensive testing of your template against 50 different email clients
  • Email designed to render perfectly on mobile and tablets (optional)
  • Designated strategist, sales expert, account coordinator, copywriter and graphic designer that knows your business
  • Blog enhancement for SEO and social media integration
  • Extensive reporting providing interest insight and specific follow up opportunities
  • Proven strategies for converting web visitors into contacts
  • Advanced sales tools for converting new contacts into sales through marketing automation
  • An accountable company that actually shows up and delivers month after month

You remain in full editorial control of your campaign. But your total time investment once we kick of your campaign, is a 20-minute phone call once a month! How’s that for easy?

Do it Yourself. You may already know the problems with this plan— finding the time to invest in learning one more online interface, learning the best practices of email marketing and the proper strategy for your business, writing your own copy, creating your own images, and figuring out the advanced tactics that are the critical difference between email that works and falls flat.

Build A Team.
Since you know you don’t have the time or the energy to do it yourself with everything else on your plate, you could decide to build your own team of experts.

Here’s what that might look like:

  1. Hire an Email Marketing Specialist for $50,000 per year, according to the compensation experts at PayScale (2014).
  2. Once you felt comfortable with that, then look for a professional graphic designer who could not only design beautiful things, but also understood the numerous design constraints inherent in building an email template— including rendering on mobile devices.  Let’s pretend your designer can also write the code for your template and test it against 50 different email clients. If you can find one that can handle both the design and the code, that will run you about $3,000 initially and then $300 per month if you send out only one email.
  3. Once that was accomplished, you could then find a talented copywriter who could tell your story and knew how to  use email as a medium. Let’s say that’s 3 hours per month at $75 per hour, or $225.
  4. After that, you could come up with your own list of over 100 ideas that were sure to work. Priceless.
  5. Finally, you could try to find, and then contract with, a sales expert who has insight about how to use email  marketing to shorten the sales cycle, identify hot leads, and keep the attention of warm prospects. 10 hours at $300 per hour is $3,000.

 Ok, that was a lot. So, let’s review your team and the cost:

Email Marketing Specialist

$50,000 per year (Per PayScale – 2014 Major Metro)

Email Designer/Coder

$3,000 initially and $300 per month


$275 per month

Sales Expert

$3,000 on time fee

If my math is correct, building your own team will cost you $62,900 the first year, and months of your own time.


How Much Is It?

Let’s find out together! Seriously, we will answer that question for you, but first we need to have a conversation. Each client of ours is unique and so is their custom-built email campaign. After our talk, we’ll provide you with a quote for your consideration. The real question might be this: considering what’s at risk, how much will it cost you NOT to work with us?

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that our call will focus on your business, and how we see email marketing making an impact. Whether you decide to use our service or not, this will be a valuable use of your time — or your money back! 🙂

P.S.  Since you’ve read this far, what do you have to lose by contacting us?

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