Email Marketing is the Perfect Advertising Medium for Retail and E-Commerce.

Is your email marketing program living up to its potential?

We get it. Whether you’re in straight retail, pure e-commerce, or a mixture of both, retail is a tough business.

It seems that the demands on your time are never ending. You have to really understand your customer, find them the right product, motivate your team, merchandize beautifully, run your operations efficiently, find effective advertising, and deal with administration without getting bogged down in the details of payroll, taxes, accounting, banking, and the like.

While running a retail business can be fun and exciting, to say it’s challenging is an understatement. It’s no wonder that your email marketing program may not be everything that it could be. But whether you realize it or not, that’s costing you a lot of money.

The Direct Marketing Association says email marketing has the number one return on investment over ANY other medium. It’s definitely worth the investment if you can do it well, but that’s not easy considering all you’re doing already.

The average consumer gets 468 commercial messages per month, so your email has to stand out. That requires a great strategy (not just touting your next sale), stellar content, and superior graphic design. What should your strategy be? How will you know if you’re succeeding? What benchmarks are reasonable? What should you say? How often should you send a broadcast? What should the design look like? How much should you include?

Then the hard part starts. There are a dozen main email clients that people use—from Gmail to Outlook to Yahoo—and getting your email to look right on all of them is a challenge. Next, 49% of email messages are now read on a phone, so your emails have to be “responsive” and automatically reformat themselves for small screens.

With all of these challenges, it’s easy to understand why very few retailers have incredible email campaigns.

That’s where we come in. Our secret sauce is that we combine the deep technical know-how of email marketing, a comprehensive understanding of retail, and the art of telling great brand stories.

We’ve spent the past 18 years getting it RIGHT so that we can instantly put our knowledge to use for YOUR business with a custom campaign designed specifically for YOU.

Our team of experts bring their individual skills to your campaign. Working with us is like having an entire email marketing department, often for less than the cost of a single part-time employee, and with no additional headcount.

Here are a few hard questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How prominent is our email signup?
  • What’s our email signup conversion rate versus transaction rate?
  • How well branded is our sign-up process? Are we providing value?
  • How do customers feel after joining our email list?
  • How good are we at building our brand (telling our unique story) with our email onboarding? Do we even have email onboarding?
  • Is our content customer focused (or is it only about selling more stuff)?
  • How much of our revenue is email driven?
  • Do we have a strong sales automation set up and working?
  • Are the abandoned cart emails effective or just training our customers to get discounts?
  • Are we doing a good job at cross-selling other products?
  • Can we tell how much revenue each email is generating?
  • Do we know who our best buyers are and what they are clicking on?
  • Are our emails mobile responsive and scalable?
  • Are the emails we send beautiful and well written, elevating our brand with each broadcast?

If you’re at a loss on most of these questions, it’s time to consider getting help. Great email marketing goes hand in hand with a healthy retail or e-commerce operation, but you can’t do everything well yourself.

  • 68% of consumers prefer to receive brand communications from retailers via email
  • 6.9% prefer the next most popular method: in-store communications
  • 5.6% prefer text messages
  • 4.5% prefer communications via Facebook
  • 15% prefer other

“We’re now driving over $10,000,000 per year in sales that we can directly attribute to our email campaign after starting from zero.”

—Rob Kelley, VP of Marketing at Mor Furniture for Less

Increase Your Sales and Profitability

Most retailers think of Email Marketing as “sending a newsletter”—but it’s so much more than that.

With the right strategy we can:

  • Collect prospects you’re currently missing
  • Convert those prospects into new customers with automated marketing
  • Automatically follow up with missed sales
  • Increase add-on sales
  • Minimize recurring operational headaches
  • Increase your company’s online reviews
  • Drive traffic when you need it

All of which leads to increased sales and profitability!

How Our Service Helps Increase Sales

Improved Visibility
Regular broadcasts to your audience with valuable content elevates your brand and keeps it “top-of-mind” for new purchases.

Marketing Automation
Sending the right automated message at the right time not only deepens customer relationships, it moves them to the next step in your sales funnel at an extremely low cost.

Email Supercollector™
Advanced email Supercollector™ converts website visitors into leads 24/7, monetizing your traffic.

Social Media Integration
With social media integration, you get email sign-ups and automatic posting to social accounts building your email list and saving you time.

Analytics help you understand your audience and measure your results so you can hold us accountable.

SEO Optimized Content
Blog creation and/or content updates to your existing blog add SEO value, extending the shelf-life of the content we create for you.

Variable Testing
Variable testing ensures your emails are always optimized and improving over time.

Case Study: The Value of a Dedicated Email Team

Ivan Smith Furniture is family-owned and operated out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Since their founding in 1961, they have expanded to 46 stores. We first met their VP of Operations in 2009 when he heard our CEO Ken Mahar speak about the power of email marketing and realized his company needed to get in the game.

With Ivan Smith’s email list now numbering in the hundreds of thousands, email marketing has become an revenue channel too important not to have an expert team at the helm. Some of the interesting components of Ivan Smith’s campaign include:

  • A great welcome message to new in-store and online shoppers that has open rates in the high 40s with a 5+% click-through rate.
  • Monthly broadcasts relating the latest promotion, where Email Broadcast lends a creative hand in shaping the events.
  • Public service announcements, where Ivan Smith shares its latest community involvement.
  • An automated message informing consumers they have a refund coming due to an unused protection package.
  • An evergreen private anniversary sale sent to each person who purchased a year prior.
  • An automated “value add” series that delivers a helpful email once a month on interior decorating, organization, energy savings, and more.

Ivan Smith Furniture has come to realize that getting people on the email list is just the beginning. You then have to provide reasons to stay—engaging, personalized content worth reading.

The results have been nothing short of astonishing. Recently, Email Broadcast sent a targeted email to 7.8% of the email list offering a finance promotion to current account holders. This single email generated $430,000 in extra sales over a single weekend.

E-Commerce Case Study: Dramatically Increase Your List

The owner of iOgrapher came to us with a great problem—his product and the start-up business he created to support it were growing faster than he could keep up with. He understood the importance of an effective email campaign, but didn’t have the time or the desire to become an expert in email marketing.

With a strategic flow of automated messages, we’ve been able to help iOgrapher educate prospective buyers on their best products, add value and awareness to accessory items, and progress visitors from ‘interested browser’ to ‘thrilled customer’.

iOgrapher was also an ideal candidate for our SuperCollector™. With exciting new distribution channels and press exposure on the horizon, it was vital that iOgrapher be able to leverage the explosion of web traffic into an actionable list of prospective customers.

Since launching their SuperCollector™, iOgrapher has consistently added 4.6% of their website visitors to their email list. What’s your email sign-up conversion? Maybe it’s time to find out and let email make an impact on your sales, too.

iOrgapher Converts 5% of Web Traffic into Contacts with the Help of Email Broadcast

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