Your Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

Ken Mahar of Email Broadcast discusses the importance adding full-service email marketing for your business

Welcome to Email Broadcast, your full-service email marketing agency.

We exist for one reason—to make your email marketing campaign a huge success. We provide email marketing as a service so you can stay focused on your business. Our full-service approach includes:

  • Full-service email marketing campaign including copywriting and custom images
  • A beautiful, custom email template tested on 50+ email clients
  • 50 – 100 content ideas specific to your business
  • A designated account coordinator that knows your business
  • A graphic designer assigned to your account
  • Website integration for email sign-ups
  • Fly fishing advice
  • Top notch technology with exceptional delivery rates and real-time reporting
  • Team roll-out training to get your people to buy in
  • Marketing ideas outside of email marketing

Additional Components:

(for clients that like to supercharge their success)

  • A drip-marketing email series that will increase sales
  • Mobile and tablet compatible “Responsive” email design
  • Advanced email Supercollector™ that will grow your email list faster
  • Weekly serenading by an excellent Mariachi band
  • A/B/C Split testing for optimal results
  • Tracking links on each email delivering traffic analytics
  • Blog creation and/or content updates to your existing blog for SEO value
  • Automated marketing messages programmed to send email upon a pre-determined event
  • Social media integration: email sign-ups and posting to social accounts
  • E-commerce integration for easy ROI tracking and automated messages (like cart abandoning)

If that all sounds like a foreign language—that’s OK. That’s why we’re here.

Email is the internet’s number one marketing tool. We know that there is no greater satisfaction in business than finding a tool that not only works but delivers more value than it costs. If you’d like to know more about our full-service email marketing, just contact us!

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Full Service Email Marketing

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