If you’re part of the Email Broadcast family, or you know us well, you know that we’re a big fan of two things: humor, and YouTube.

So when we came across this video, posted on email-marketing-reports.com’s blog, we laughed our asses off and couldn’t resist re-posting it here.

Email-marketing-reports.com explains the premise:

“Newsletter expert, Michael Katz is fond of describing B2B email newsletters as the electronic equivalent of having a coffee with a customer.

Which got me thinking…what if emails could walk and talk? Here’s one vision of the message typically communicated by a corporate email newsletter. Enjoy.”

We love this video because not only is it hilarious, but it also hits on so many points of generic email newsletters. Most newsletters you get in your inbox are all — and ONLY — about the company sending it, even if that information is dull and irrelevant to you. They do no work to scout out what might be going on in your world that you’d want to hear about.

Second is something we always stress to our clients — consistency. Stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis and form a good, communicative relationship with your clients.

Whether our clients are writing their content, or we’re helping them put it together, we emphasize including things like local events in their area and always getting out a message once a month.

People aren’t always going to want to buy a car or a house or even a bottle of shampoo. But in the meantime, you can say hi and recommend an upcoming local festival or some favorite Valentine’s restaurants. They’ll be excited about the relevant information, and will remember that it came from you.