Position title
Account Coordinator

Email Broadcast is looking to hire a part-time, long-term Account Coordinator (and general marketing rockstar). Our Account Coordinators play a vital role here. They're the connection between us and our clients; they're in charge of keeping those clients happy; they're the makers of amazing monthly email campaigns.

This job is a permanent contractor role within our company. You'll have plenty of flexibility to get your work done, but that comes with accountability. You should be generally available from 10 to 4, Monday through Thursday (yes, you read that right - we take Friday's off.) This is when client meetings, team meetings, communication, and collaboration happen. If you have other commitments during this time, this isn't a good fit.

As an Account Coordinator, you're going to be responsible for a handful of diverse clients (i.e., your accounts could include a high-end dermatology office or a remote fishing lodge). You'll work on creating a monthly email campaign for them from start to send. This includes coming up with creative concepts, writing compelling copy, coordinating graphics requirements with our designer, A/B testing, requesting and tracking client approval, scheduling, reporting, and everything else in between.

You'll also attend weekly team meetings and occasional client calls, where you'll share your ideas and contribute to discussions.


Client wrangling.
Whether you're getting buy-in on a content idea or tracking someone down for an approval; you should be a perfect balance of persuasive, professional, persistent, and personable.

Project tracking.
Can you juggle? More importantly—can you focus? You'll be working on several email campaigns for different clients all at the same time. You have to be able to transition from one project to the next without dropping the ball but disciplined enough to focus on each task and ensure high-quality completion.

Marketing wizardry.
You have experience and know-how to hook an audience with a headline, dazzle them with compelling copy, and persuade them to click, buy, sign up, stay tuned, or whatever else your campaign calls for!

Still interested? See if the following describes you:


12-20 hours per week of work. That's about how much you'll be working with a typical client load. Want more? Once you prove your marketing prowess, there's plenty of internal projects we can add you to that will increase your hours. This job can grow into what you make it, but those 12-20 hours will be your primary priority. If what you really need is a full-time job to pay the bills, that's cool, but this isn't the right role for you.

A long-term role. To be clear: This isn't a freelance opportunity. If you're used to piecing together one-off projects and short-term gigs, we're not a good fit. The Account Coordinator is a permanent contractor role within our company.

To be part of a team. Yes, you'll do a lot of work on your own. But lone wolves need not apply. Each month you'll be working with me, her, him, and them.

Get Paid More for Being Efficient. Your hourly rate will be $20-$25. There is also a year-end bonus.




  • 2+ years of hands-on marketing experience (email marketing is a HUGE plus!)
  • You write good. (Or is it "write well"? You should know the difference.)
  • Proven ability to meet and beat deadlines.
  • Basic graphic design skills (resizing images, text usage on images, etc.; Photoshop preferred, but we are willing to cross-train)


  • Knowledge of email marketing best practices
  • Email platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc)
  • Basecamp, Highrise, and Google Docs
Job Benefits

3-day weekends
Unpaid holiday for the week of 4th of July
Unpaid holiday for two weeks at end of year
Performance and year-end bonuses

Next Steps

Please follow these steps exactly.

1. Send an email to [email protected]

2. In the subject line use this: Your Email Broadcast Account Coordinator (don't get creative here - this is how we sort the incoming mail and all other responses will be trashed as Spam).

3. Include your resume, a link to your portfolio, consider your cover letter to be an example of your marketing skills—pitch yourself to us! Make sure you explain why you're the perfect person for this position, why you're interested, and how this part-time role will fit with your lifestyle.

4. Also, please tell us specifically which ad brought you here.

This role is for a remote contractor, but our headquarters is located in San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Rate DOE - 1099 contractor status
  • Fridays off
Employment Type
PT Contractor-Telecommute
Email Marketing
Job Location
93401, San Luis Obispo
Remote work possible
Working Hours
Base Salary
$ 20 - $ 25
Date posted
June 27, 2019

Position: Account Coordinator

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