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IT Specialist / Admin

Email Broadcast is looking for an IT Specialist to provide technical support to our organization’s kickass team of email marketers.

This is a remote, independent contractor role working approximately 5-15 hours per month. Our office hours are 10 am to 4 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday (yes, we take three-day weekends EVERY week!)

Mainly the work is about connecting our clients’ internal systems (website, CRM, e-commerce platform, SQL database) to Mail Chimp. Usually, it’s via API, but we also go old school having them export spreadsheets and upload to a server using SFTP where we then grab the data and import it into their MailChimp list.

Additionally, we’ll ask you to serve as our internal IT resource checking on server health, backups, failover/redundancy, google analytics, etc. Right now we have an external resource that manages our WP site (updates, new pages, etc) but you may have some overlap here.

This role is important to our organization, so it’s critical there is a good fit for both of us. Because of its very nature, there are times when your immediate attention will be required (site goes down, forms aren’t working, client’s API is broken, etc) during which time we’ll need to reach you live, but we’re not launching space shuttles so it will rarely be an emergency that can’t wait till daylight hours.

The following is a good guideline for who is and who is not a good fit for this role:

You Are NOT a Good Fit For This Role If:

–You have a full-time job and are looking to moonlight to make some extra money and if anything urgent comes up you’ll duck out of your job and work on your laptop in your car.

–You have a part-time on-site job and hope you can dovetail this role and that role together.

–You work outside of the US time zones and hope to work with us before or after your real job and are just fine if you never have a day off ever.

–You’ve always wanted to be a freelancer and this sounds like your ticket to leave.

–You’re looking for something to do between the last full-time job and your next full-time job.

–You love to travel the world and work remotely over shitty Internet and from loud cafes pretending to be productive at 3 am local time.

–English is not your native language.

–You love starting businesses and you need cash for your next one.


You Might Be a Good Fit For This Role If:

–You have been an independent IT contractor for years.

–You have several long term clients with a predictable workload and would value us as an important client.

–You have worked your way out of a role with your last part-time contract and are looking for your next company for another long-term (like years) stint.

–You have extremely low overhead and/or a supportive spouse and this gig is all you’d need to be happy.


Still with us? Awesome. Please keep reading.


Behavioral Attitude

  • You have a proactive attitude and work ethic and actively look for ways to drive projects to completion. (You do not wait around for someone to tell you what to do, but rather assess what appears to be a priority, check that it actually is a priority, and get to work.)
  • You're able to successfully lead projects that include IT people outside our organization, with diverse skill levels, with a positive get-er-done approach that might feel like spoon feeding at times.
  • You look for solutions to problems on how something COULD work instead of looking for reasons it won’t.
  • You're not a primadonna that thinks if you didn’t build it, it must suck and needs to be rebuilt in your preferred language/code/sandbox.

Still interested? See if the following describes you:



  • Assess new client technical needs
  • Maintain ongoing documentation of client technical connections, issues, and solutions
  • API, CRM, & Database integrations for new clients
  • Setup or assist with SPF & DKIM records for new clients
  • Troubleshoot internal and client-related technical problems, as needed
  • Monitor server health, ping for uptime, instantly reporting downtime
  • Maintain website backups and perform restores when needed


  • MailChimp/Email Platform and/or API experience..or…
  • Use of REST APIs with PHP and… use of .CSV over SFTP with cron jobs
  • Security first mindset and skills including management of SSL certs, backups, etc.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Working knowledge of MySQL databases
  • Wordpress maintenance and some development (PHP, HTML, Forms)
  • Testing and validation
  • Ability to be a generalist in the IT field (i.e., can’t specialize in just one technology because our customer environments vary)
  • Calm under pressure and exudes confidence
  • Ability to define and document requirements
  • React quickly as new requirements become available
  • Platform agnostic mindset (don’t insist in windows only solutions, or Linux only, or mac only)
  • Able to explain sometimes complex technologies (rest API’s, database design) in general terms to non-technology experts

Bonus SKills:

  • Google Analytics
  • Basecamp user
  • Advanced understanding of Web Development Best Practices
  • Advanced understanding of Email Best Practices
Job Benefits

3-day weekends
Unpaid holiday for the week of 4th of July
Unpaid holiday for two weeks at end of year

Next Steps

Please follow these steps exactly.

1. Send an email to [email protected]

2. In the subject line use this: Your Email Broadcast IT Specialist (don't get creative here - this is how we sort the incoming mail and all other responses will be trashed as Spam).

3. Include your resume and a couple of paragraphs or a cover letter (PDF) on why you're the perfect fit for this role, as well as your hourly rate requirements.

4. Also, please tell us specifically which ad brought you here.

This role is for a remote contractor, but our headquarters is located in San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Rate DOE - 1099 contractor status
  • 4 Day work week
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PT Contractor
Email Marketing
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May 7, 2020
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Position: IT Specialist / Admin

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