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Welcome Chimps!

If you are in love with Mail Chimp and the idea of sending beautiful email, but could use some help, we might just be your new best friends.

We’re Email Broadcast and we’re MailChimp Experts.

Email Marketing is still the champ when it comes to effective marketing tools and it can make a HUGE impact on your business, but with today’s dynamic environment there is a LOT to learn.

Certified MailChimp Experts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the giant number of details and decisions your email marketing campaign requires – we can help. We are certified MailChimp experts, and we’ve been running email campaigns for the past 14 years so that our clients can stick to their core business without having to learn an entirely new craft.

While it’s true that companies like Mail Chimp have made it relatively easy to send out an email – that’s really only the beginning of an effective campaign.

You’ll still need a solid strategy, a beautiful custom design that is mobile friendly, great content, the right frequency, and perfect integration with everything else you’re doing. You’ll likely also want some cool automation – sending out the right email at the right time – that will help with your cause. That’s a lot to ask of anyone, so it’s no wonder you’re here!

Our team brings you all the necessary skills needed to make your campaign incredible – at a fraction of the cost of a part-time employee.

With us as your email partner, you can have an kick-ass campaign while limiting your company’s investment to a 20-minute phone call once a month. We do all the work, you take all the credit.

Email Broadcast your MailChimp experts and email marketing specialists

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What do I get?

We only offer full-service solutions. We don’t do consulting. You’ll either decide that having us lead your email marketing campaign is a winning move, or we’ll part friends. That being said, each campaign is different and usually involves a mix of the items below:

Standard offer that everyone gets:

  • An overall strategy leveraging Email Broadcast’s 14 years of experience

  • Full-service email campaign including all copywriting and images

  • A beautiful, hand-coded custom email template tested on 50+ email clientsthumbnail

  • 100 content ideas specific to your business

  • A designated account coordinator that knows your business

  • A graphic designer assigned to your account
  • Website integration for email sign-ups

  • Top notch technology with exceptional delivery rates and real-time reporting

  • Team roll-out training to get your people to buy in

  • Marketing ideas outside of email marketing

Optional Components:

  • A drip-marketing email series that will increase sales

  • Mobile and tablet compatible “Responsive” email design

  • Advanced email SupercollectorTM that will grow your email list faster

  • Tracking links on each email delivering ROI data

  • Blog creation and/or content updates to your existing blog for SEO value

  • Trigger messages programmed to send email upon a pre-determined event

  • Social media integration: email sign-ups and posting to social accounts

If a lot of the above sounds like a foreign language— that’s OK. That’s why we’re here.

So How Much Is It?

Because each one of our clients is unique, so is their email marketing campaign. Part of our solution comes from understanding your business, your metrics, and your current marketing mix. So the first thing we need to do is talk. From there we will propose a custom solution for your business so that you can leverage email marketing to the highest level.

We have clients paying us less than $1,000 per month and as much as $10,000+ depending on what we do for them. And many times what we do for them is not what they were initially looking for, so that’s why it’s important that we talk. We’re going to introduce you to new ways to use email marketing that you’ve likely never considered!


Our Good Guy Guarantee:badge

We know your time is important, and so is ours. Our promise is that we will quickly help you decide if working with us is the right move. We’re not right for everyone, and as a small firm we only have the capacity to work with a limited number of clients. We’re very open about that and hopefully you will appreciate our approach. If we discover that we’re not a good fit, we’ll try to direct you as best we can because we’re nice people.


We are too and we are dying to meet you. So contact us and we’ll talk. There’s no charge for that and we’ll find out if we are right for each other. Be sure to ask us about our Mail Chimp Expert discount.



We’re excited to hear from you!

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