This Is Our Tribe.

We’re a small team of diverse badasses with a history of game-changing innovation and an addiction to breaking records. Our clients receive our fanatical devotion and the full force of our experience, both in email marketing and beyond.

Ken Mahar  —  Founder of Email Broadcast

The perpetual motion machine we call ‘Ken’ is a non-stop generator of innovation, creativity, and salesmanship. Dedicated to the concept of “kaizen”, he is the enemy of complacency and stagnation. After breaking every record set in front of him in car sales, furniture sales, and tech sales with the help of untapped email marketing methods, in 2000 he decided to choose a select group of clients and devote himself to delivering that excellence on their behalf. Fifteen years later, he has traveled the world, started a gorgeous family, and continues to forever improve the lives of businesses small and large with beautiful, expertly crafted email campaigns.

Kim Webster   —  Operations Manager

Before saying, “Challenge accepted!” as Email Broadcast’s Executive Assistant-turned-Operations Manager, Kim drove online sales sky-high from $300k to over $5 million for a regional shoe retailer. Pleased with a job well-done, she rewarded herself with a year off to write a fiction novel, earning national recognition and a literary agent, NBD. When she came across Ken’s “A Brilliant Mind”-like operation, her creative nurturing instinct kicked in. Kim’s driving force is motivating others to achieve their goals and orchestrating a strong B defense in Call of Duty. In addition to being our Executive Guardian Angel, Kim also co-runs a group that develops writers into better entrepreneurs. Kim has an uncanny ability to plow through the daily grind of projects, tasks and emails wearing more hats than Queen Elizabeth. Catch Kim (if you can) chasing her shepard/coyote around the beach!

Larry Loesch  —  IT and Software Services

Larry is a geek in the absolute best sense of the word. Growing up his mantra was “Can I take this apart?” He started in the aerospace industry debugging combat software, then moved to deep-dive data mining and analysis. Most of the time we have no idea what he’s talking about, but he does and that’s the important part. Addicted to a challenge, ugly databases and fragmented digital infrastructures keep Larry up at night—in anticipation. When he’s not contemplating the pile of ethernet cables he’s been hoarding you can find him in the Colorado high country hiking and skiing.

Your Accounts Team

Dara Gibbs   —  Accounts Manager

Karate master, wine lover, and conqueror of the Trinity Alps with nothing but a backpack—Dara attacks her clients’ email campaigns with the same enthusiasm she attacks everything else. She’s kicked major ass in the financial sector, RV’d throughout California with her family (and five pets!), and still finds time to relax with a good book… even if it’s at 7,500 feet, surrounded by granite rock and subalpine fir. She manages our Account Coordinator team to be the perfect advocates for your business, and her can-do attitude and limitless energy make her a great addition to the Email Broadcast team.

David Keith  —  Graphic Designer

When it comes to distinguished design services, David’s done it all. Since breezing through the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, he’s spent the last 23 years delivering beautiful graphics for both print and online media. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike will enlist David for his expertise. When he’s feeling social, he takes on running art departments, and when he craves solo time, he works independently. David’s professionalism and extensive experience is clear when you see the gorgeous templates and aesthetically superior images he creates for your campaigns. David’s current home base is Delray Beach, Florida, but he’s lived in exciting locales all around the world and still travels at every opportunity. He was last spotted in Singapore on a hotel rooftop yodeling during karaoke.

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Charice Kalis  —  Graphic Designer

Charice has worked on all things graphic design for over 20 years. Not one to limit herself, she’s done projects in healthcare, hi-tech, retail, non-profit—and just about everything in between. What will you find her doing when she’s not putting her passions for typography and branding to work on your campaign? Hiking with her husband and their dog, or kicking some poor spin class’s booty with her in-it-to-win-it instruction. She’s also pretty good at convincing her friends to join her on innocent bike rides along the backroads of Massachusetts and Connecticut… for many more miles than they would consider reasonable. After all, training for a 200-mile charity race isn’t nearly as much fun when you can’t share the pain.

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Kate Raykovich  —  Copy Editor

Meet Kate. Copy Editor. She loves obsessing over words in solitude. Which is great, because that’s what she does around here. Puts on the tea, cues the ambient music, and—whoa there, The Yahoo!® Style Guide recommends a serial comma before that conjunction. Although, seeing as how our writers are top-notch, her job can get a little, ahem… boring. When they leave her without words, Kate’s generally writing her novel, cuddling the dog, picking up her daughter’s tornado trail, or meditating. She likes long walks in nature, serendipity, beautiful objects, deep, meandering talks with girlfriends, strumming her guitar, the burst of spring in Seattle, and the buzz of small planes overhead. Just don’t ask her to cook, okay?

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Katherine Witt  —  Account Coordinator

As a marketing enthusiast, blog writer, social media guru, website builder and creative rebel, Kate is a self-proclaimed “Jill of All Trades”. Having spent the past 4 years as a marketing wizard and taking a company’s following from 0 to over 250K, she found her niche with Email Broadcast. If you give her a brick wall, she’ll have it talking to her by the end of the day. To put it simply, she is a people person and is focused on providing an amazing (and entertaining) experience for her clients. A marketer by day; at night you’ll find her experimenting with Pinterest recipes in the kitchen, giving her friends and family style advice, or beating her husband in Scrabble.

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Monica Byars  —  Account Coordinator

A widely traveled native New Yorker, Monica initially started her career in journalism, and brings a degree from the most prestigious journalism school in the country, and a talent for research to the team. After journalism school, she quickly realized her passion for the PR side of things, going on to head up programs in healthcare and education. Monica is woefully outnumbered in her Houston household by a husband and two teenage boys, and when she’s not writing flawless, well-researched email copy, she is a fledgling gardener—all though she’s still growing more critters than plants. If you’ve got tomato gardening tips, she’d love to hear from you!

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Emma Johnson  —  Account Coordinator

If what you’re looking for is a flexible account coordinator, Emma’s your woman. She’s done it all—from competitive gymnastics to owning a gas station in rural Alaska to spearheading and fundraising a thriving support network for the children of parents are in crisis. She draws creative inspiration from her husband and three kids (especially her 6-year-old who is a master teller of tall tales) and specializes in determination and vivid storytelling guaranteed to engage your audience. You can find her soaking up the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Jackie Parker - Account Manager

Linsie Decker  —  Account Coordinator

Linsie’s motto? Run all the miles, eat all the food, write all of the copy. If she isn’t chasing her Irish Twins around, running a local race, or baking delicious treats from scratch, you can find her writing compelling copy for the Email Broadcast team. She’s been an Army spouse for eight years and lived all over the United States, but home will always be Washington State. There are few things Linsie loves more than: a good book, football season (go Jets!), and ice cream. If you’ve read any good books lately please let her know!