College Baseball Match Starts Up Right

College Baseball Match is a new service that matches high school baseball players with college options that are a good fit—not just athletically, but academically, financially, and socially. After all the time and money players and parents put into developing a baseball career, College Baseball Match provides the answer on deciding which colleges to pursue.

After combining databases, algorithms and baseball knowledge into a cutting edge tool, College Baseball Match needed help introducing their new service. Creating a website was step one, and calling Email Broadcast was step two.


We divided the College Baseball Match email marketing strategy into four avenues.


Create and test a variety of compelling SuperCollectors to convert web visitors into contacts.


Develop an informational welcome series to introduce new prospects to the value of the college matching system.


Implement a series of real-time triggered messages that explain to free-profile users the benefits and value of a paid profile.


Send regular, helpful broadcast messages establishing CBM as a trusted advisor for high-school baseball players looking to play college ball.

The result has been a 47% on base percentage in converting welcome series recipients into new profiles. Open rates are above 50% with click rates exceeding 20%. Most importantly, College Baseball Match now has a growing audience of engaged baseball families that are spreading the word about this much-needed tool.