Forma Furniture Creates Sustainable Profits

Forma Furniture

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In the foothills of Colorado is the family-owned and operated Forma Furniture. They are the region’s premier retailer of Contemporary and Modern Home Furnishings.

To establish a relationship with prospective clients, online and in-store, Email Broadcast developed a series of messages that tells customers the story of Forma and what makes them so special–like how they choose North American manufacturers, and ensure their employees are certified by the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

These email mini-series develops trust between Forma and their potential buyers, eventually leading them to make a purchase. And when it comes time to purchase, customers are confident they’ve made the right choice.

The email campaigns we set up do more than just inform prospects; they engage them.

The January 2014 message we launched, promoting Forma’s largest annual clearance event, yielded the highest open rate in their email marketing history. They literally cleared their showroom floors, and it was a couple of weeks before they were able to rebuild their inventory

Those results speak volumes about what email can do for a furniture business…