Ivan Smith Furniture’s List Thrives With Automation

Ivan Smith Furniture is a family-owned and operated business based in Shreveport with 46 stores throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. They sell everything you could possibly need to “furnish your home both stylishly and affordably”—from bedroom dressers to living room sofas to outdoor fire pits.

We first met Trey Smith, their V.P. of Operations, at the 2009 Furniture Market in Las Vegas. He’d heard our founder, Ken Mahar, speak about the power of email marketing and realized that Ivan Smith needed to get in the game.

When the company hired Email Broadcast, we worked on building Ivan Smith’s email list with a SuperCollector™ and also did hands-on training with the company’s store sales staff. At the end of two years, Ivan Smith was so confident in the strategy we’d created together that they decided to part ways with us as friends and give email marketing a try on their own.

Six months later, we checked in with them to see how things were going. The corporate office didn’t have a team dedicated to emails, so deadlines were being missed and the quality of the campaigns was suffering—understandably. A lot goes into email marketing. It’s easy to underestimate the job.

Email Broadcast and Ivan Smith teamed back up and have been working happily together ever since.


The automation series that Email Broadcast built for us have all been hugely successful. They took a process that we would do only periodically (when we had the time or even remembered) and turned it into a consistent flow of additional business. After the launch of each series, our stores noticed a marked difference in sales—we wish we would have started it a long time ago! The best part? Automation emails let the customers know they are important to us and we are truly thankful for their great loyalty and payment history.

Trey Smith

Vice President, Ivan Smith Furniture

What makes this partnership so successful? The SuperCollector works wonders and, no doubt, promotional emails have contributed to Ivan Smith’s thriving campaigns. But we credit the bulk of our joint success to automation.

Ivan Smith has a list of email addresses numbering in the hundreds of thousands! With that kind of reach, you know that email marketing is too important a revenue channel not to have an expert team at the helm. But getting people on the email list is just the beginning. You also have to keep them there.

Automation is a great way to do that. It not only enables companies like Ivan Smith to send targeted emails to specific groups of people at select times or in response to certain actions, it also helps them foster genuine connection and build trust with their audience.

In the case of Ivan Smith, we’ve created several kinds of automation emails:

• A welcome email for people who’ve just joined the email list
• An introductory/thank-you email for customers who’ve recently made their first purchase
• An email to remind customers to rotate their new mattress after six months
• A personalized Anniversary Sale message—sent one year after customers have made a purchase
• An entire series of “value-add” emails on helpful topics like lighting, flooring, organization, and preparing your home for guests
• A message featuring credit limit extensions and special offers for customers with great payment history

Ivan Smith’s “thank you for your purchase” email sees open rates as high as 35.8% and their welcome email for new list members see rates as high as 24.2%.

Several of their value-add automations, like the “Meet Your Neighbors” message with before-and-after pictures of customer homes, see open rates of over 20%. That may not sound like much, but with a list size over 200K on a product lineup you don’t need to buy every day, that kind of engagement is outstanding.

Automation is a simple and effective way to engage and keep people on your list—with genuinely useful, personalized content worth reading.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to rotate our mattresses.