Mor Furniture Drives $10 Million in Sales Using Email Marketing

In 1977, Mor Furniture for Less opened its first store in San Diego, California. Since then, they’ve grown to become the largest family-owned and operated furniture company on the West Coast, with 32 locations in 7 states. Mor Furniture relies heavily on TV ads to promote their business, but once the visitor makes a purchase – relying on another TV ad to get them back in the door is inefficient. So in 2003 they decided to try our idea of using email to stay in touch with previous customers and it worked. Starting from zero email addresses was tough, but they now have several hundred thousand and counting, which drives over $10 million dollars in sales each year that are directly related to email.

One of Email Broadcast’s major contributions to Mor Furniture is the Customer Appreciation Night we dreamed up back in 2008. This is a private, non-advertised event for email members ONLY! It lasts only 4 hours during which tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes are given away company wide and millions of dollars worth of furniture is sold. It is now among the very best sales days of the year for Mor Furniture. You can check out the video we created to support the event below.

We built their email marketing from the ground up, like we do with many of our clients. Immediately after a Mor Furniture customer makes a purchase, they receive a personalized “Thank You” email from the General Manager of that store, letting them know that Mor Furniture values their business.

Helpful reminders go out at critical points in product life cycle to add value for their customers, without requiring any additional manpower.

Certain locations will even send out savings for customers to use at their next visit, enticing repeat sales.

Large events and promotions see increased traffic and skyrocketing revenue due to successfully executed email marketing campaigns.

Recently, Mor Furniture overhauled their website. In turn, our team re-designed their email campaigns to match their new look online, creating a complementary user experience and a seamless transition from inbox to landing page.

Email Broadcast got us started in email marketing, and we couldn’t be happier with their service and the results.


We’re now driving over $10,000,000 per year in sales we can directly attribute to our email campaign after starting from zero.


As a lean, growing company it’s great to include them as part of our marketing team. We have enough to do without learning all the technical requirements of running a world-class email campaign…

Rob Kelley

VP of Marketing, Mor Furniture for Less

All kinds of companies benefit from an expertly crafted email marketing strategy—whether they’re a 700 employee chain or a single store boutique operation. Check out some of our other furniture and design clients to see what we’ve been able to do for them.