­PetHub Finds A Forever Home With Email Broadcast

Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a fantastic experience. Not only are the emails they produce for us simply gorgeous (and SO on point with our brand and voice!), we just love the flexibility and functionality of the templates they’ve created—finally we have continuity with email marketing and website experience.
From the moment we started working on projects with them, we knew we were in great hands, and we LOVE the incredible communication and guidance Email Broadcast maintains with us—their process is exemplary and the team is crazy fun and super talented. They work so hard to know us, understand our needs, and build fabulous content for our customers that helps PetHub reach our business goals.
—Lorien Clemens

Director of Marketing, PetHub

PetHub helps lost pets get home fast. As a company full of animal lovers with dogs, cats, and a surprising number of chickens, we couldn’t think of a better fit.

With their patented lost pet recovery technology, PetHub has a whopping 97% success rate and consistently has a customer satisfaction rate over 96%! Even with all that success, they knew that email marketing could make a huge difference for their business.

PetHub recently started partnering with large municipalities as part of their pet licensing processes but the account that’s included with the license is free—it became OUR job to help convert these new users to a paid accounts. We identified three key points to reach PetHubs’ goals.

1. Build a stronger brand image

    1. by creating a custom designed email template and using a voice that’s consistent with PetHub’s existing website.

2. Increase engagement

    1. with their email list by sending messages designed to increase open and click-through rates.

3. Boost their conversion rate

    of free users to paid accounts by building automated series to address the knowledge gap in how to use the products, show the value of the premium account, and demonstrate their superior customer service.

The results? A stunning welcome series that’s spot on PetHub’s branding and voice with an average open rate of over 30% and click rate of almost 3%, well over industry benchmarks. Not to mention a 78% increase in new email list subscribers in only 6 months!