ZooMontana Supercollector and mobile friendly email

ZooMontana’s Emails Are Ready for Adventure on Any Device

In the fall of 2017, we challenged ourselves at Email Broadcast to make a bigger impact in the world. That’s why we decided to give away one year of full-service email marketing—we’re talking about a no-holds-barred, whatever-it-took, super kick-ass campaign worth over $20,000—to one non-profit organization for only $1.

On January 31, 2018, we announced ZooMontana, the 70-acre wildlife and botanical park in Billings, Montana, as our winner. The organization had used their robust social media presence to their advantage, first securing a nomination, then a spot with the finalists, and finally… the prize.

ZooMontana was committed to providing exceptional care to animals and plants from their native region—along with spectacular grounds for event hosting, and a solid educational program. But they didn’t know the power of email marketing. So, despite their strong following and appeal, they weren’t capitalizing on the single most effective marketing tool at their disposal.

Over the course of the year, we worked with their team to meet the zoo’s goals to:
1. Provide consistent messaging to their audience.
2. Increase admission revenue.
3. Support their thriving events program.
4. Grow their edZOOcational division.
5. Boost visibility.
6. Heighten reader engagement.
7. Extend the zoo’s reach.

We started by designing a flexible email template to match their brand and website that was bold, had loads of texture, was highly readable on mobile devices, and reflected ZooMontana’s personality. As Email Broadcast team member Linsie Decker attests, “ZooMontana’s template is warm, fun, and inviting. Meet the people behind the message and you’ll understand why we designed it that way!”

Then we honed in on their unique voice—friendly, informative, high-energy, and positive—and produced captivating monthly emails like Bert the Bison’s dating profile (we’re pretty sure that guy’s hitched by now).

Meet Bert the Bison

The campaign effort has proven successful. Not only has ZooMontana stayed “top of mind” as a premier entertainment and educational venue with engaging monthly content, they’ve enhanced readership and park attendance with two SuperCollectors™, and multiple follow-up series for park visitors, event guests, and teachers.

6 % higher open rate than the industry standard

NEWS FLASH! ZooMontana is seeing open rates of over 30%—substantially greater than the non-profit industry average of 24.11%—and their list keeps growing.

The campaign program we created for ZooMontana was so successful that when their free year was coming to an end, they chose to extend their stay with us as a paying client. They clearly saw the value of an email marketing campaign—it made them money. We’re thrilled to continue working with such a dedicated, playful, and creative team, who—like us—digs pics of baby otters and wants to make the world a better place.

“The folks at Email Broadcast took the time to understand our organization. After learning our values and personality, they created a template for our email messages that perfectly complements our brand, making for a seamless transition into the digital world. Using a professional email service is new to us, but Email Broadcast works so closely with our staff that it feels as though we’ve been doing this for years. All of us at ZooMontana, our visitors included, could not be happier with the results we are seeing.” — Jeff Ewelt, ZooMontana Executive Director