ZooMontana is Montana’s only zoo
and botanical park, and an accredited arboretum.

You can say they are a pretty big deal.

Soon after we announced ZooMontana as the winner of our 2018 1-1-1 campaign, we joined their team on the wild side, and kicked off the Email Broadcast onboarding process—a journey we take with each and every new client. Together, we identified that ZooMontana.org gets three different kinds of visitors—so our email marketing campaign needed to address three different goals:

1. Increase admission revenue—more visitors!
2. Support the thriving events program—have more weddings, conferences, etc. hosted at ZooMontana
3. Grow the educational program—get kids edZOOcated through the many fun learning programs the zoo offers

To meet these goals, our team has created and set up three separate automation series and two specialized Email Broadcast Supercollectors™ to convert website visitors into email subscribers.

With the Supercollectors in place, subscribers can sign up for general, event, or edZOOcation emails, and we’ll make sure they are only getting the emails they’ve signed up for. We think that’s as cool as this grizzly is chill.

We can’t complain much when we are getting photos of adorable baby otters in our inboxes on a daily basis—if that’s not encouraging, what is? Especially when we know our email marketing will directly help those baby otters live out their best lives at ZooMontana.