Get Paid Yo!

Are you looking to potentially build a business with us, or make a major impact on your income by consistently sourcing leads for us? Then you are at the right place.

We know what’s on your mind: How Much?

We offer a 5% revenue share in two different ways. You can take the money and run collecting 5% of the first year’s contract value in a single payment, or ride along with us and collect 5% monthly throughout the term of the client’s first contract. The 5% comes from our end of the deal so your client would never pay more than if they worked with us directly, without your introduction.

You must be pre-approved to participate in this program, and we may have some sales tools that you will find helpful. If interested, please Contact Us. If you are looking to just send us a single lead once in a while and would rather skip the approval process, please use our Leads Page.

Give referrals - earn extra cash!

What Will You Get?

Give referrals - earn extra cash!

Give referrals - earn extra cash!

By the way, we’re not right for everyone. We like to work with companies that kick ass.

Here’s a basic qualification list of companies for which we are a good fit:

  • Minimum of 1 million dollars in annual sales
  • Is a quality company offering a truly valuable product or service
  • Is concerned about their branding/identity/image
  • Sells an expensive product/service or has frequent repeat business

Bonus Points:

  • Has an outside or inside sales team with lots of activity
  • Has a website with lots of traffic
  • Is a lean firm that likes to get other companies to help them
  • Has a positive social or environmental impact
  • Considers themselves as bold/daring/unconventional/remarkable

*Fine Print: The target company must accept our normal 24 month agreement (or longer). If the client requires custom terms, or less than 24 months, your reward will be reduced by 50%. Don’t worry, we always do our best to secure our standard agreement. The payout will occur as follows: 50% of your reward will be sent upon receipt of the client’s first monthly payment. The other 50% will be sent on the client’s third monthly payment. If you would like us to reward both you and your company we will contact you about the amount for each.

We reserve the right to change this program at any time, and the only notification on that change will be on this page. Last Updated: 5/20/14