Let’s face it. Most referral programs suck.

That’s why we created the World’s Most Interesting Referral Program.

I mean sure, we’re all aware of businesses where you can refer someone and make some cash to pay your bills, but how memorable is that? Plus it feels dirty somehow that you get a “cut” of the deal when your real motivation was just to connect one awesome business to another.

Wouldn’t you rather get flown off to Vegas at a moment’s notice, or get front row tickets to your favorite band, receive the latest tech gadget, or learn to scuba dive? Of course you would, but since you’re too damn responsible—we’re not going to leave it up to you!

Here’s what we’re going to do instead: A SURPRISE referral program. That’s right, we’re going to give you an awesome reward customized to what YOU will love, but you’ll have no idea what it is, or when it’s coming which makes it good clean FUN!

So what’s a lead? A lead is when the form below is fully completed. We know the names of a SHIT TON of businesses out there who’s email marketing sucks or is nonexistent so that’s not much help. We need the name and contact information from someone inside that business that is the decision maker, or can directly lead us to him/her. If we end up winning the business, you win too and we’ll thank you commensurately.

Check out the first winner of The World’s Most Interesting Referral Program: Norma Maxwell.

By the way, we’re not right for everyone. We like to work with companies that kick ass.

Here’s a basic idea of what we’re looking for:

  • Do you personally know anyone that owns a business that is doing well, but could use more sales?
  • Have you recently engaged with a company regarding an expensive product or service and had almost zero follow up from them? (Think: real estate, cars/boats/rvs, jewelry, furniture, construction, landscaping, etc.)
  • Do you know any good businesses that have a great product or service but whose email marketing is terrible or non existent?
  • Do you know anyone who is spending money to generate traffic to their website but hasn’t implemented an amazing email marketing plan?

Bonus Points:

  • Sells an expensive product/service or has frequent repeat business
  • Has an outside or inside sales team with lots of activity
  • Has a website or storefront with lots of traffic
  • Is a lean firm that is ok with getting outside help
  • Has a positive social or environmental impact
  • Considers themselves as bold/daring/unconventional/remarkable

What happens now?

We will be contacting you to find out more about you and what would be an amazing reward. We won’t tell you what your double secret reward will be—that’s the fun part. It will just happen. We will also let you know if your lead doesn’t work out and why—we owe you that much. Thanks again, and one more thing… Do you have any more referrals?